I’ve had a web site at this URL since 1997, and until 2012 it was lame.  I hope it has become not-lame.  Some highlights are:

Bay Area Bike Rides: Descriptions of some of the best BART-accessible bike rides for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cyclists. Includes maps, road notes, and photos.

Cycle trip reports: Journals from bike trips I’ve done over the years.

Photography: Slideshows of some of my best shots.

Totally Doable Consulting: I provide IT strategy and management consulting for education and non-profits.

Unicycling: I do a lot of unicycle-related stuff.

Golden Gate mirror panda

Q: What’s INL.org?  I’m looking for something else.

I get mail all the time from people looking for someone other than me.  Usually it’s one of the following:




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