I’ve been a serious cyclist since the early 90s. Until about 2002 I was focused on road biking (commuting and touring), and then I started to get seriously into unicycling, particularly mountain unicycling (MUni) and uni basketball, although I’ve also done some competitive unicycle road racing (most notably finishing sixth in the epic Ride The Lobster stage race as part of team Totally Doable).

I sometimes organize training ride series for friends, both on bike and unicycle.  The bike rides generally come from my list of Bay Area bike rides, while the unicycle rides are managed over on the Berkeley Unicyclists web site.

Some of the bike tours I’ve done are documented in my Ride Reports.

I did my thesis work in UC Berkeley’s Department of City and Regional Planning on cycling advocacy and infrastructure issues; you can check it out at The Bike Lab.

I also provide unsolicited advice.

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