Tom climbing, Slickrock practice loop

I learned to unicycle in 2000, and took it up seriously in 2003. Since then I’ve gotten my hands into all kinds of uni-related stuff around the Bay Area.

Berkeley Unicyclists: Site with info about the Berkeley/Oakland unicycle gang. Includes a blog, mailing list, and calendar.

Berkeley Revolution: I’m a member of the 2010 national champion unicycle basketball team, the Berkeley Revolution. We practice Tuesday nights in Berkeley, occasionally play public demos, and compete at the national and international levels.

Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival: I help organize the unicycle events at the Berkeley festival, including basketball, MUni rides, and a big wheel party ride through the streets of Berkeley. Scheduled for August 17-19 this year.

U Games: I was on the board of directors for the U Games, the North American unicycle championships, held in Berkeley in 2010.

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